MEFIT understands the importance of project planning and management at all stages of a project:

  1. A significant portion of project cost results from rework.

  2. Ineffective Risk Management is not resulting in a comprehensive process for managing key risks.

  3. Lack of delivery effectiveness is constraining investors’ effectiveness.

  4. Majority of projects are over- budget, late and experience defects post-completion.

  5. Insufficient assurance in pre-investment planning and estimation has been identified as the single most important factor affecting the ability to deliver to investment schedule.

Any project requires disciplined planning, execution, performance management, and communication. Each project is unique and has different challenges, but a well-established set of tools (systems and approaches) can be implemented to de- risk overall delivery and optimize cost/schedule.

MEFIT adopts Integrated Program using Integrated Project Management System Tools and Systems.

Project, product & change management disciplines contribute to the project success but only integrating all three increases the likelihood of project success.” – PMI

MEFIT can provide a complete array of solutions from a project inception to the complete implementation in a cost effective manner by proper planning and execution follow up as highlighted below.

Projects fail to succeed due to project management issues during execution, not technical capabilities.  MEFIT processes and procedures provide consistent performance regardless of team members. MEFIT can monitor projects and accurately forecast project performance: no surprises.  MEFIT brings execution efficiency through Benchmark Data, library database, knowledge base, workflows, IT support.