Regional Planning

Large scale planning of agricultural schemes and industrial development plans are complex and require interdisciplinary approaches.

MEFIT imposes firm creative principles, provides highly qualified consultants, uses modern analytical techniques, adopts overall cost- benefit methods and superior management control.

Town Planning and Urban Design

MEFIT generates new patterns for a city while respecting the local habits and being culturally sensitive.

The idea of a space fit to live in requires a
different approach to the essential qualities of life for each new community.

Through the use of public buildings as poles of attraction, by means of the variety in aggregation of modular units, through establishing correct hierarchy of mobility patterns, both in the environment requiring fresh appraisals, MEFIT contributes to the quality of city life.

Urban Renewal

Renewal means upheaval, disturbance and the breakdown of traditional values. It needs to be handled sympathetically. MEFIT uses methods and means that increase the quality of life and the living standards by studying and truly understanding traditional values. MEFIT formulates strategies that identify sectors of intervention, plans social policies, controls existing environments and defines sets of regulations aimed at achieving an overall coherent urban atmosphere

Roads and Traffic

Increased mobility means congestion, noise and air pollution in the city. These types of traffic conditions generate demands for new space, but also damage the urban pattern and quality of life. MEFIT’s goals are to engineer the technological skills necessary for the restoration of the urban image and the maintenance of that image in the future through the application of a master plan of the roads. Creating a master plan entails carrying out wide-ranging traffic research, origin-destination analysis, building computerised simulation models and balanced road programming.