Public Buildings

The MEFIT design team principals have acquired considerable
experience in the completion of public buildings. These buildings have elements of being attraction- generating poles in the urban area as well as representative units, which required the integration of functional and psychological values during their development. MEFIT has also specialised in the design of libraries, cultural facilities and public hospitals.

Commercial Buildings

MEFIT’s approach to commercial buildings is one where beautiful architectural solutions need to combine with the most appropriate technology, economy of investment and operations, as well as integrating local culture and customs.

MEFIT can support a commercial investment for either a new facility or the development of an existing one from its inception to the full realization.

MEFIT’s wide range of expertise in designing hotels, conference centers, shopping centers, housing developments, educational complexes and health care facilities provides investors with the support required to make the correct decisions through MEFIT’s complete line of services.


MEFIT’s approach is to design modern airports using sophisticated technology to produce an efficient general layout and flexible shape to optimise traffic movement and to use advanced equipment, including intelligent buildings and IoT, in order to comply with the world-wide policy of increasing and specialising air-traffic.

Light Industries

MEFIT is in the unique position to provide technology solutions from all over the world appropriate for the particular local conditions. Specific know-how includes manufacturing, material handling and processing.